This year I guess I’ve challenged myself to participate the 12 Days of Anime Project: to post something related to anime every day until Christmas. What have I gotten myself into…

I’ve always been a person of few words. Writing, forming sentences, stringing thoughts and ideas together all feel like chores. But when I see other bloggers write so eloquently about anime that emotionally impacted them, I can’t help but be inspired to attempt the same. Hence, this blog. Yet, with how slow I am at writing and how little free time I have, I haven’t been able to churn out many pieces.

The other reason for this blog is my love of languages and translation. But again, my lack of confidence in many of the languages I know, coupled with the effort required and with the fact that I can’t find (or don’t have the will to find) brief material to translate, means that I haven’t published many translations either. I don’t want to start a project and abandon it halfway.

So where does that leave me going forward? I don’t know. I think the healthiest balance for me is to write what I can, when I can, with lower (lower than my already-minimal) expectations, to keep this blog fun for me.

In the meantime, this 12 Days challenge should keep me busy.

You can read the description of the 12 Days Project on the Perpetual Morning Blog. Also listed below are my entries: