I originally got a reddit account because I thought that was where most of the anime fandom was and I could promote my blog entries there. That kind of failed, though, considering I don’t participate much and don’t churn out enough blog posts to be a regular on the forums. However, one experience for which I’m thankful to reddit is this year’s Sound! Euphonium rewatch. I guess the community had decided, sometime in the summer, that since the new season of Sound! Euphonium would be coming out this Fall, it would be nice to rewatch the first season before that, one episode per day. I signed up for it on a whim, and I’m glad for the experience.

Each day, the host u/Quartapple would announce the latest episode that we arrived at and provide a few discussion questions. Then the responses would pour in. Some would gush in point form about their favorite moments, complete with imgur links to screencaps (and who could blame them: it’s a beautiful show). Others would zero in on one or two highlights and analyze them in depth. I really liked the discussion questions that focused on interpreting a particular scene, because it got me for the first time to think critically about what each detail meant and how it contributed to the larger narrative. I ended up challenging myself to think more analytically, and express my thoughts coherently (or so I hope). Shoutout to you for your excellent hosting.

Scrolling through the comments, I quickly saw who could write and argue eloquently. One user stood out to me, and I ended up visiting their blog and finding a wealth of essays analyzing Sound! Euphonium and other shows from small details to large narratives. It was a great find. Shoutout to the Minute Art blog, and keep up the good work.

By the end of the rewatch, I had gotten busy and wasn’t able to keep up with posting stuff every day. However, I’m thankful for the opportunity to participate.

For more information about the 12 Days challenge, please refer to my intro post here.