Through the painting

Thoughts on anime and translation


Welcome to this humble little blog at this corner of the internet!

The name is Inksquid (arbitrary pseudonym that just sort of stuck). Currently a student. Loves languages, watches too much anime for my own good, and has an itch to write every once in a while.

So yeah, you’ll probably see on here sporadic posts ranging from reviews on anime I watched, to thoughts about things that left an impression on me, to random things I felt like translating, to whatever else I feel like.

Besides English, I’ve never had enough formal education to write properly in any of the other languages I know, so please excuse any mistakes and feel free to point them out. Also feel free to comment on how I can improve my writing style. After all, that’s how I learn!



Judge me by my taste:

My favorite anime list can be found in this blog post here.

My anime-planet account is here.

Spoiler policy: This is a blog for random thoughts about anything and everything. As such, spoilers are fair game everywhere except in reviews.

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